GlobalData Launches New NPV (Net Present Value) Analytics Tool

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GlobalData is pleased to announce the launch of its new NPV Analytics tool. This fully interactive pharmaceutical forecasting platform allows users to visualize the long-term revenue projections for over 1,200 pharmaceutical marketed and pipeline assets and, using this proprietary tool, determine their present-day valuations as well as their contribution to corporate valuations.

NPV analysis is an essential tool to the pharmaceutical industry, as it provides a fundamental reference point for due diligence prior to the execution of corporate transactions, as well as helping to support a range of other proposals and insights across the industry and in associated sectors.

Within the tool, long-term forecasting models are available for both sales-based and patent expiry analysis. Analyst consensus forecasts are projected to create a customizable 16-year forecast window, and financial modeling allows users to then customize and calculate the NPV for their chosen asset.

Joshua Owide, Director of Healthcare Industry Dynamics at GlobalData, says: “Much of the growth and transformation seen in the pharmaceutical industry occurs through deal-making activities. As NPV analysis forms the backbone of these transactions, and helps to guide many other strategic decisions in pharma, we have decided to provide an NPV platform across our client base.

“This tool works in conjunction with GlobalData’s other databases to provide an all-encompassing analytical solution for clients, and the feedback that it has received so far has been incredibly positive. It is an exciting new proposition that allows users to examine the long-term financial performance of individual assets through an entirely new platform, and generate powerful insights as a result.”



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